CBT Osh, Alay & Sary Mogol reviews

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CBT Osh, Alay & Sary Mogol reviews

Postby steven » Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:05 am

Please share your experiences with CBT offices in Osh, Alay and Sary Mogol. We summarize at CBT Kyrgyzstan.
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Re: CBT Osh, Alay & Sary Mogol reviews

Postby kunibald » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:35 am

"If you have problems, we will not see you, we will not hear you, we will not answer the phone"

That's what the CBT Sary Mogul guy told us when we planned to go in the mountains without guide. You can make your own thoughts regarding this.

They wait for the marschrutka and guide all the people arriving to only one guest house (so much for "community based"), which leads to that guest house being packed with people to the point where they don't have enough food for everyone and trouble to keep the facilities working.

Worse than that, the yurt camp in Pik Lenin direction. Same problem with too much people and too little supplies, but

The drinking water they offer and use for cooking comes from a nearby puddle which is heavily frequented by cattle (I followed the hose). This led directly to everyone I kept in contact with who drank that water unboiled got very sick, some even on the spot. They even failed to stock up with bottled water, so that in the last day we had the option to drink contaminated water or stay thirsty. So, if you go there, make sure to bring chlorine tablets and a water filter (since chlorine is not working to kill giardia) or sufficient drinking water for your stay. Note, it's on 3500 meters, so you will need one or two liters more per day than usual. The water they offer is definitly not safe.
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Re: CBT Osh, Alay & Sary Mogol reviews

Postby bert » Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:31 pm

I was looking for accomodation in Sary-Moghul end of September. At the CBT office, they directed me to their own guesthouse next door. They didn't propose any other one. The guy was not friendly, nor unfriendly. Can't comment on activities since I went to Peak Lenin Basecamp on my own.

The guesthouse could do with some cleaning in the bathroom. The lady there was friendly. Dinner was basic but OK. Shower was non-existent due to very low water pressure. The very little water was hot though. Western toilet inside. Electric heating in the room during day and night was nice.

At 1000 KGS including dinner and breakfast, it was quite expensive. Next time, I would look for better options but all in all OK.
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