Scam(?) at Kyrgyz borders

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Scam(?) at Kyrgyz borders

Post by Milad »

I'm not sure if it's a scam or the border guard upon entry was just dumb and the one upon exit took advantage of it, but I noticed the following in person on the marshrutka from Bishkek to Almaty (a few months ago, just had the idea to post it here now).

A traveler who has a Chilenean passport and is eligible for visa on arrival in Kyrgyztan just got an entry stamp and not a visa in their passport at the airport. The border guards at the border to Kazakhstan noticed this and gave him the choice to either pay "a shtraf without much paperwork" (basically a bribe) to get out or to go to Bishkek, get an exit visa at some office (probably OVIR), pay a lot of money and exit legally with the visa. As he did not understand the extent of the problem, he chose the latter (my recommendation would be paying...). This took a few days and did cost him a lot of money.

So if you are going to Kyrgyztan with a visa on arrival, don't become a corruption victim, make sure they give you a visa at the airport, not just a stamp.
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Re: Scam(?) at Kyrgyz borders

Post by steven »

Thanks, that is interesting. Will make a note of it in the visa article.
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