From Bichkek to Kathmandu

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From Bichkek to Kathmandu

Post by The_ride_place_to_be »

Hi everyone,

We are currently on a bike trip with my girlfriend, aiming to join Brussels to Singapore. On the way, we would like to go through the Pamir Highway, and through Nepal.

I saw the ideal route to join Bichkek to Kathmandu is through the Karakoram Highway (KKH), but I had many difficulties finding information about the safety, possibility to do it, etc.

Would someone have an experience or information to share on that?
If not, do you know other ways to do this trip, ideally without getting on a plane?

Thanks a lot for your help,
François Huberland.
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Re: From Bichkek to Kathmandu

Post by Nikopol »

You cant enter China. Vaccinated, not vaccinated, doesnt matter, there is strict rule on quarantines and no tourist visas issued, only business. So for foreseeable future, going from Pamir to Karakoram highway remains impossible. Also you wont pass Pamie on bikes in December, its 4k altitude in valleys.

Only way to Nepal without plane is crossing from Iran to Pakistan via Quetta highway and then to India.
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Re: From Bichkek to Kathmandu

Post by murg »

Salut Francois,

I'm not a cyclist, but I've been in the Region 2019.
Note that all my information do not consider the Covid - situation.

We've met several cyclists in PRC. They all enterered through Irkeshtam, Torugart or Qulma crossing.

Probably they needed a guide, don't know this for Sure.
When departing they Had to Take a bus from Tashkurgan to Sost. Bikes where transported in the Bus.
In Pakistan we met cyclists whose itinerary was other way round.

Hope that helps!
Enjoy your Trip.
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