Russia on American passport

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Russia on American passport

Post by coffeespoonman »

Any issues entering Russia or getting a Russian visa with an American passport these days? If it matters, my passport contains a couple of expired Russian tourist visas, some Kazakhstan work visas and a valid Chinese tourist visa. Also some Ukraine stamps but from pre-war. Would be looking to cross Russia via train and pop down into KZ before continuing on to China. Is this a good idea in the current political climate? Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Russia on American passport

Post by Kalpazan »

If you're granted visa and you respect local laws I doubt you will have any issues.
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Re: Russia on American passport

Post by roadsilk »

Just to give a second opinion: I think most people will not have anything to worry about if they intend to travel to Russia for tourist purposes. However, if you have ever engaged in journalism, blogging, have expressed Russia-critical opinions anywhere, or work in a field that may be of "interest" to the Russian authorities, I would really think twice. You can be unlucky and be subject to interrogation. I have avoided Russia since February 2022 (sadly).

On the issues of "respecting local laws", as expressed by the previous poster. It is unlawful in Russia to engage in "collecting information" about the Russian Armed Forces. It is unlawful also to "spread misinformation" about the Russian Armed Forces. I need not tell you that the Russian authorities can apply these laws very arbitrarily if they so desire - in which case even having news articles from Western media on your phone might be regarded as breaking Russian laws.
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