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Re: Successfully Shipping a Motorbike from Georgia to Azerbaijan (as AZ border shut)

Post by Valentin.vak »

Thats amazing to hear, congrats! Im planning a similar trip later this year.
Did you manage to reach kazakhstan? How?
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Re: Successfully Shipping a Motorbike from Georgia to Azerbaijan (as AZ border shut)

Post by sinclairsin »

What did you do with the bikes once reaching Kazakhstan? Thank you for the writeup.

This would be a major hurdle in my trip from Portugal to Kazakhstan this year, as I will have my car with all of my belongings. Not sure what timeline that will create or if it will even be possible. Let's hope they open up the land border.
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Re: Successfully Shipping a Motorbike from Georgia to Azerbaijan (as AZ border shut)

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That is a great and detailed report, thank you. I am looking at doing that journey, waiting for April to see if they open if not I have a gamble on whether to attempt your way to complete my ride to India. My issue is the time/hold up.
Question - do you have contact details for the shipper?
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Re: Successfully Shipping a Motorbike from Georgia to Azerbaijan (as AZ border shut)

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Hello everyone,

first of all many thanks for the detailed report. I managed to contact Anton Thursday last week and on Friday my bike was on its way to Baku. Eyyup(Transport ) the guy in Georgia who managed the transport from there was outstanding. He met us (Ben and me) at his company ground took us to the lawyer, for lunch and all the way back to Tblisi. Since we send copys of all the documents (Passport. Motorcycle Pass) on Thursday already, it took us only about 30 Min. at the lawyer.
Today (yesterday was a bank holiday ) Anton fetched us from the hostel, took us to the customs and managed all processes there. Without him it would have been really difficult for us. So if you plan to do it in the same way, get in touch with Anton / Eyyup. Good luck!

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Re: Deleted

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We also succesfully shipped our car via Anton. Some details below:

Initial contact:
We called Anton on +994 557616143 to inquire about shipping options. We were interested in timings, prices and shipping dates. We were able to choose our preferable shipping date, and he told us to just get in touch with him a few days prior to this date. We were a bit reluctant (not setting an exact date), so decided to hope to ship on a monday (10th June) and booked our flights for the 12th of June.

Shipping the car in Tbilisi:
We contacted Anton again a few days prior to the 10th and he assured us this date was possible. We sent our passport details and car registation details to Anton like Bruno above here had already suggested. Unfortunately, our process the 10th was not as smooth as Bruno had experienced. We arranged with Eyyub - the contact in Georgia - to meet at 10 a.m. at his place. At 09:55 a.m. we got a message from him that he needed our passport details and car registration details so the notary could prepare everything. We sent this to him, after which he texted us the notary would take approximately 3 hours, so we should meet him at the notary at 13:00. This could have been avoided if Anton would have sent the details forward to Eyyub or if Eyyub would have inquired about this. At 13:00, the notary appeared to have a power outtage, so we had to come back at 17:00. When we came back, it took about 1 more hour to get the power of attorney sorted. From here we had to follow Eyyub to his transport location which surprisingly appeared to be in Rustavi, which was a full hour drive from where we were. The reason for this was that our car was bigger than his normal cargo truck could handle, so we had to go to the other truck. We had sent Anton pictures and dimensions of our car, but apparantly this was not communicated with Eyyub (again). Also, here were many other notaries that we could have gone to. Finally, at about 19:30h we loaded the car and Eyyub took us to Tbilisi. Nothing bad can be said of Eyyub: He is very kind, helpful and speaks English well. However, this could have easily been done in 30minutes in stead of 10 hours. Note that we also had to show the car and luggage around to the driver and to Eyyub, it seemed to be a problem we had a rooftop tent and roofpacking, but in the end it was all fine. Prepare for a long day.

Customs in Baku
We were told the shipping would take 3-5 days, so that would mean we could pick it up friday 14th June latest. We put an airtag in the car and saw that due to massive queues at the border the car was inching forward. In the end, the car arrived in the night of saturday 15th June on Sunday 16th June. We had a lot of contact with Anton during these days, because we wanted to pick it up ASAP. Anton was very responsive most times, but he remained very silent when we inquired about picking up the car on Sunday 16th June. We decided to just go that day (we were pretty done with Baku by this point), but because it was a bank holiday (apparently) everything was closed. Frustrated we waited untill we had contact with Anton again, who told us to be at customs Monday 17th June at 0830h. The process at customs could also not have been more different than Bruno describes: Anton was not present and we had to fight our way through the bureaucratic process, along which some 100 other Azerbaijani and Russians who came collecting there cars. It was an extremely busy day due to holdays in Azerbaijan. Nobody spoke English and it was utterly unclear where we had to go at customs, but in the end (with a lot of calling and translating by Anton) we managed and had the car out at about 13:00h. The only plus side was that the driver tried to help as much as possible and haul us throuh the massive queues at each undefinable customs post. We made sure we tipped him fairly, for we fear he won't be getting a large piece of those 300 dollars, despite driving for 7 days and taking care of our car at the Georgian/Azerbaijani border and thorough luggage check (they opened everything, even the rooftop tent. Everything was in order though).

- Shipment costs for Anton/Eyyub/Driver (paid to driver in Baku customs): 300 dollar
- Attorney costs in Georgia paid to notary: 70 Lari (35 euro-ish)
- Various custom costs in Baku (road tax, insurance, customs declaration): 110 manat, 55 manat, 50 manat --> 215 manat (110 euro-ish)
Everything added up the shipping was around 450 euro.

Keep in mind though that you also have to pay for flight tickets and hostel/hotel costs and "city life" wherever you stay (in our case living by the day in Baku, hoping the car would arrive the next day...) which is also not cheap for 7 days.

Things I would/would not reccomend when doing this via Anton/Eyyub:
- They are by far the cheapest who offer this service that I've heard/read off. 3 times cheaper than AllRightMoving for example, and I've spoken to travellers with some horrible experiences (10 days of waiting for the car);
- You have to really be assertive and not wait for Anton or Eyyub to pull initiative. Assume they don't communicate and send everything to both of them;
- Put an airtag or GPS device in the car, it helps with getting a sense of what's going on;
- Make sure Anton is there on the day of car collection or more or less demand he sends an English speaking contact, it was quite the nightmare doing this without anyone speaking any English (or us not speaking any Russian/Azerbaijani ofcourse...)
- We found Tbilisi a much more pleasant city to spend time in compared to Baku. We dubbed this "Mini-Dubai". Tastes differ, and it may be very personal, but if you're not a big city-person, we would definitely reccomend staying in Tbilisi for as long as you can before you go to Baku.

Many lucks to fellow travelers :)
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