Roadmovie to China

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Roadmovie to China

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Dear Community, hope you all are in a good mood.We need your help!!!.We are three filmmakers from Germany and wanna drive in an VW T2 from Munich all the way eastwards to China.Our focus is also to drive through the golden triangle, this means coming from Iran, than Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Laos Vietnam and than finally China.2014 I drove myself from Germany to India, via Pakistan, and I didn't had any problems.
Now the border crossing changes, countries are open now for transit.
Did someone of you have helpful informations driving with the own car through:
Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
In China we found excellent informations via an agency, but its hard to find informations about the three listed countries.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
Greetings Matthias
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Re: Roadmovie to China

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Check Horizon Unlimited BB, there is more recent info about going there with vehicles.

Did you tell everybody your going to bring lots of cameras? The Chinese really love that stuff :P
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