Anybody knows if Pakistan (KKH) is open to foreigners?

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Anybody knows if Pakistan (KKH) is open to foreigners?

Post by jetdude »

Anybody out there that knows the situation in Pakistan, the Karakoram, if the place is open to travel?
I am planning a trip second half of September 2020.
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Re: Anybody knows if Pakistan (KKH) is open to foreigners?

Post by murg »

Hi there,

after reading your post I contacted a friend of mine.
He"s a Pakistani police officer, living in Lahore.

His answers:

International tourism is allowed since a few days.
This includes KKH
Road conditions are ok*
Weather could be an issue end of September.

He has no clue if the Chinese border is open (Covid 19) for foreigners, just in case you intend to go there.

* I've done the KKH by motorbike last May.
It is a really good road, quality bis like most Italian/French/Austrian mountain pass, only one short stretch was damaged by a rockslide
Height is an issue, or could be at least.
I consider the KKHbas beautiful, not challenging & overrated pass. From a motorbiker's point of view.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Anybody knows if Pakistan (KKH) is open to foreigners?

Post by Cove »

You can also check the Facebook page of the Pamir Times for up-to-date information and news from the region. The tourism industry (in Gilgit-Baltistan) has reopened, as Dave said.
That's good for those relying on the income and welcomed by many but it's also controversial; Covid-19 cases are still rising in Hunza, Gilgit etc. Lots of domestic tourists from the south are already heading to the mountains. Unfortunately few are wearing masks. Apparently just today there has been a scuffle at a checkpoint on the KKH between police and tourists, resulting in a traffic jam. You should also keep in mind that until September the situation might change again of course.
I personally think just becauce people can doesn't mean they should travel again at this moment, not only on the KKH but also elsewhere. In Gilgit-Baltistan I'm afraid this might lead to many more new cases, with tourists acting as superspreaders travelling around so much, potentially also bringing it to some of the more remote communities. If you decide to go, wear a mask etc., we all know how it works by now.

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