Recent experiences in Russia

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Recent experiences in Russia

Post by jimnys.journey »

Hi everybody

We cancelled our trip to Russia last year because of the war.

Now we decided that we want to do it this year.

Has anybody here got a visa in western Europe recently and went to Russia afterwards? How where your experiences in the country? Any difficult times with locals or officials due to being from "the west"?

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Recent experiences in Russia

Post by erdem_35 »

Hello, I am planning to enter Russia through the Georgian border gate in June. I got a 6 month visa. I'm going to Mongolia.
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Re: Recent experiences in Russia

Post by Dracid »

It's much easier to be the Westerner in Russia then to be the Russian in the West. I was in Moscow in January, having zero issues with locals. Crossed the border by my own car from Poland to Kaliningrad, then by plane to Moscow. I speak decent Russian (it is not my mother tongue, I learned it) with obvious foreign accent but no one cared, no matter where I was (border, hotel, restaurant, grocery store). I think that people - regardless of nationality - are simply so occupied with their own stuff that they simply don't pay attention to random "foreigner".

By the way, getting Russian tourist visa in Poland is now a very straightforward process with multiple agencies offering the support with it. I would say that it's easier than any time before the pandemic.
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