India Paper Visa question

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India Paper Visa question

Post by TheNonFlyingDutchman »

This might be as far as this forum reaches, but I’m hoping to find anyone with similar experiences.

Since I entered India from Pakistan over landthrough the wagah border, I needed a paper visa instead of an e-visa. (I got this via Visatronix Islamabad for 100 dollar. Applied for a 1y multi entry, received a 3 month single entry. Apparently everyone gets this. Worst part: I had to find out after some weeks that those 3 months are counting from the day they hand out the visa. So I had 2 months and 1 week left when I entered India).

These 2 months are surely not enough for me and I applied for an extention. As I was told by several people before, indeed you cannot extend this paper visa.

My new idea is to do a lil visa run to Sri Lanka and apply for an E-Visa there. I’m only wondering if there’s a risk of me not getting that E-Visa after spending 2 months on a paper visa already?

I doubt that anyone has similar experiences but I hope so. Also: anyone taken the new ferry to Sri Lanka already?
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Re: India Paper Visa question

Post by RArmitage »

If you get no answer on here, try joining the Backpacking Pakistan Facebook group - they are very knowledgeable. Would like to know your answer as you are about 6 months ahead of us and we have been wondering exactly that!
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Re: India Paper Visa question

Post by NomadWanderer »

If you're looking for some information on the India Paper Visa, I'd recommend joining the Backpacking Pakistan Facebook group. They've got a bunch of knowledgeable folks who might be able to help you out. Plus, it sounds like you're ahead of the game by about six months, so they might have some fresh insights for you.
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