Crossing Pakistan from India to Iran in March 2017.

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Crossing Pakistan from India to Iran in March 2017.

Post by Dirkbig »

Hi guys,

First post here, looking for some answers!

Ill start my trip in SrLanka, going from India to Nepal, ending somehow in Iran. Big dream of me is to cross Pakistan from India (wagah border) in direction to Iran through Quetta.

I read alot of stories on foras like this one about travels from Iran to India, not the otherway round.

Does someone have experience in this trip, or can someone confirm its just the same procedure as going Iran-India but then just exactly reversed?

Also, obtaining a visum, I am in South Korea eight now (studies) so no pakistanian embassy. Visum available at the border crossing in India??

Last but not least; people interested in joining for this trip?

Loads of thanks

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Re: Crossing Pakistan from India to Iran in March 2017.

Post by steven »

Hi Dirk,

Pakistani visa can only be obtained in your country of residence or nearest embassy. If you live in South Korea, you will have to send it to China/Japan/... whichever is responsible. If not, you have to get it from the embassy in your home country.

More on that at

It is true, I also don't have any info on the India -> Iran route. All my info on Iran -> India is at
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Re: Crossing Pakistan from India to Iran in March 2017.

Post by HomeIsWhereTheCarIs »

Hi man,

We just did the trip! Beautiful and amazing. Great you are planning on doing this!

Fix your visa for Pakistan from Sri Lanka. Like Steven says, you can't do it in foreign countries, but India makes it even harder. In India it is illegal to send your passport away. You always have to keep it with you. In Sri Lanka it isn't illegal and the DHL post should be fine. ... -pakistan/

This is our whole guide/story about the trip, if you look at the procedure about the bordering crossing itself!

Goodluck mate
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