Bishkek to Ulanbataar to Moscow by train/plane

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Bishkek to Ulanbataar to Moscow by train/plane

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Can anyone share your experience(s) with trains on this route, please.

My main concern is how is the condition of the bathrooms. As long as that is not too dirty and it's not dangerous enough to avoid then I'd like to do this route.

If I'm not mistaken it would go like this:
1. Bishkek to Almaty by mashshrutka, about 4 hrs
2. Almaty to Urumqi by train I read is $120 usd so I would take a flight since it's only ~$50 more.
3. Urumqi to Beijing by train, 40 hrs. cost: 585 yuan, flight: 2400 yuan
4. Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, flight cost: train $202, flight $300
^ although I've heard this can be done under $100, I've yet to see how..
5. Ulaanbataar to Moscow, I'm not sure on this final leg. The flight tickets are sky high but the train option is quite confusing. I'm not sure if I should just show up and work it out from inside Ulaanbataar or what.


I could just do this:
1. Fly from Bishkek to Beijing on Thursday
2. Fly from Beijing to Ulaanbataar on Saturday
total cost ~$550
3. Ulaanbataar to Moscow ?

The alternate plan seems the best option since the cost difference isn't big at all. Thoughts?

And particularly, thoughts on how to get from Ulaanbataar to Moscow for the lowest amount?
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Re: Bishkek to Ulanbataar to Moscow by train/plane

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Do you mean toilets on trains and airplanes? Airplanes are fine, trains quite dirty I would say.

Train is probably cheapest from UB to Moscow but it is 5 days on the train so your toilet issue could be a deal-breaker there. Google Transsiberian toilet for more info.
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