Self driving South Korea

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Self driving South Korea

Post by Sabrina »

Hey guys!
can anyone help with some informations on self driving through Korea please.
We are a german couple + dog traveling trough asia with our car. We would really like to visit South Korea but we have read in the internet that german registred cars are not allowed to drive there due to some contract they didn't sign.
unfortunately we weren't able to find out more.
I have contacted the korean embassy in germany but they did not have any informations on that and just told us to contact korean customs, what we did, but they did not reply even after a few tries.
anyone here who knows anything about that?
thanks :)
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Re: Self driving South Korea

Post by Lovetheworld »

Hi Sabrina, that seems to be true for German cars yes. You can try it, because some appareantly succeeded although no sources are given. See a little bit down on this oage:

And it is definetely true for Japan, there you will not get lucky. However you have the option to import it I think at 14% tax. Check it though.

I am not sure how your itinerary is as South Korea only has boat options obviously. However you could try to go there and then take (DBS) ferry to Vladivostok if it does not work. But you have to check that with an agent.
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