Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

All about Uzbekistan.
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Postby AdamL » Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:29 pm

I will enter UZB hopefully tomorrow from Beyneu KAZ. For last few days make no loundry to have nice hidden place for DJI Mavic. Cross you fingers people, if they force me to crash it I will cry like a baby ;)
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Postby AdamL » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:56 pm

FYI - they even didn't want me to open my panniers :) it was the most straight forward border crossing ever, but 80km road from Beyneu was a challenge :)
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Postby Team Slightly Lost » Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:22 am

We had our drone confiscated in 2015 at the border between Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan (Farap/Alat). We had been fine crossing into Turkmenistan so didn't think for one moment there would be any issues. The drone was taken out of the backseat of the car during the standard vehicle search and then picked up by someone of authority. Overall it was a horrendous experience - 16 hours we were held in a separate room, threatened with court in 3 days etc. The officials refused to give a genuine phone number for the British Embassy to arrange a translator so we were truly stuck in no mans land. Eventually, one of the military personnel must have felt sorry for us and they agreed to let us go but only after my OH had to write a dictated statement and pay a $30 dollar fine. The drone & go-pro (along with the charger, spare blades etc) were kept by the Uzbeki's. We tried to destroy it but they weren't having it - it was locked in a safe in front of us, no doubt to be used at a later date.

When leaving the country, the declaration document was different and didn't state Drone's were illegal, whereas on the small print the entry one did and was pointed out to us by the authorities at the time.

Overall, it was a lesson to us both of how serious things can be without checking out legalities nearer the time of crossing (the law changed early 2015). It hasn't put us off Central Asia but we will probably avoid Uzbekistan for a bit longer.
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Postby steven » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:59 am

Via e-mail:

We did not mention voluntarily that we had a drone and nobody noticed it as the car check at the border in all the countries was always just a glance.

Exception Azerbaijan: when we arrived in Alat with the boat from Kuryk in Kazachstan they specifically asked if we had a drone. After answering positively, it was no problem but we were not allowed to use it. We got an official paper and the box with the drone was sealed so that we could not open it. But leaving the country to Georgia at Lagodekhi, we offered the paper but the custom officials did not even look at it
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