Places to Visit?

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Places to Visit?

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Originally my trip was going to include (or attempt) to include either Turkmenistan and / or Kazakhstan, however, both have their borders closed.

I've now visited Tashkent, Nukus, Moynaq, Khiva, Bukhara (where I am currently) and soon Aydarkul Lake and then Samarkand. From Samarkand I will visit Shahrisabz.

What other places of interest are there? As a single traveler In finding that tours are significantly more expensive than expected as they are not grouping people together, also there is a lack of tourists.

My friends in Tashkent told me that there really is nothing of interest for a tourist in the Fergana Valley.

I was thinking about a trip from Samarkand to Dushanbe, but cannot decide.

What are your suggestions? I really don't want to spend 10 days more in Tashkent which is my intended destination.
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Re: Places to Visit?

Post by sebhoff »

dereiziger wrote:
Tue Sep 21, 2021 7:45 am
My friends in Tashkent told me that there really is nothing of interest for a tourist in the Fergana Valley.
Huh? Well, I'm certainly looking forward to the days I'm going to spend in the Fergana Valley... ;-)

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Re: Places to Visit?

Post by steven »

Ferghana Valley is nice, can easily spend a week there discovering. Small places are often more interesting than big-ticket attractions.

Termez area is also interesting. From Shahrisabz, head to Katta Langar and then on to Termez

Here are some more ideas:
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Re: Places to Visit?

Post by sanjarbek »

You can visit Fergana Valley for 2 days. Your schedule could be like this:

Day-1 starts with Tashkent-Andijan train that departs at 08:05 in the morning from Tashkent, I think these days it is from Severniy train station. You will arrive in Kokand at 12:09. Lunch in Kokand. There is a very good cafe called “Benazir”. After the lunch 2-3 hours exploring Kokand city - Khudayar-Khan Palace (pearl of Kokand), Norbutabiy Madrasah, Jami Mosque, etc. Then going to Fergana, where on the way you will stop by in Rishtan to see local crafts. You have to visit ceramic workshops (like Rustam Usmonov) and there is a Kyrgyz family manufacturing wool carpets if you are interested in. In the evening you can walk around Fergana city, including Al-Fargoniy National Park, central streets. Some national food for dinner, may be plov in chaykhana. You can stay in Fergana or in Margilan, like Sakura Inn hotel in Fergana or Ikat House in Margilan.

Day 2 - In the morning, if the days of your trip come on Thursday or Sunday, first, you will visit Kumtepa Bazaar- one of the biggest traditional market and must-see place of Fergana Valley. Other days you will start your day by visiting Yodgorlik factory - Silk factory and there are some madrasah and mosques to see in Margilan. For going back to Tashkent, there is a train that departs from Margilan at 16:48 and you will be in Tashkent at 21:40. According to your days, you can use flight option or you can get a shared taxi to Tashkent.

Any questions are welcomed! I live and work in Fergana.
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Re: Places to Visit?

Post by OWNER »


This is a short overview video about my trip to Uzbekistan at the end of September 2021. From Kazakhstan to Afghanistan. Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara - Termez.
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