Khiva - Moynak - Nukus by public transport

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Khiva - Moynak - Nukus by public transport

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Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago we travelled from Khiva to Moynak and back to Nukus by public transport. When trying to research the route we couldn't find much updated information, so thought I'd post our journey in case it's of use to anyone.

For reference, we were quoted $89 for a car and driver to take us from Khiva to Moynak and back in one day (3 people). We thought we could do it cheaper by public transport so gave it a go.

We started around 7:30am from Khiva, getting a minibus outside of the north gate going to Urgench. They fill up really quickly and cost 4000som per person. Took about 30 mins. We got off the bus in the centre of town and walked to 'Avtovokzal RayTsentr' on (but you can try to get the minibus to drop you there).

A local told us a bus was coming at 9am to go to Nukus. It arrived late and left around 9.30. The bus cost 25000 per person.

Once in Nukus the bus stopped outside town, by the Nukus shopping complex (clothing centre). It arrived around 12. From there we got a taxi (20000 for 3 people) to the bus station called Zhydeli Baysin. There was a bus waiting with a sign for Moynak in the window. The driver told us it left at 1pm, so we had some time to use the toilet and grab some food. Try and reserve a seat for yourself if you do. But make sure you're back at the bus before 1pm because it can leave if full. The bus left on time and cost 20000 per person.

The bus arrived in Moynak at the south of town at 16:30. The driver told us the bus times for the next day going back to Nukus were 9am and 3pm.

We went to both the state museum and the Aral sea museum. Both were very simple without much information, but there's not much else to do! Both cost 30000 per person. They seem to close at 6pm, but stay open longer if visitors are there. The ship graveyard was the highlight. Sunrise at the graveyard is really nice.

The yurt camp and lighthouse cafe next to the Aral sea museum were closed up, so perhaps too late in the year for them to be open. We ended staying overnight at Hotel Moynak Textil. Very basic but fine for a night (no WiFi). Haggle for a cheaper price.

The next day we got the bus back at 3pm. We arrived back in Nukus around 6pm. We met some people doing it by bus from Nukus all in one day, getting a morning bus from Nukus, spending a couple of hours in Moynak, and then getting the 3pm bus back. I'm not sure what time the bus left Nukus in the morning.

So in total, it cost us around 76000 som, or $7. I hope this helps anyone planning their trip!
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Re: Khiva - Moynak - Nukus by public transport

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That's fabulous sharing. Thanks a lot!
I will be going there a few days later.
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Re: Khiva - Moynak - Nukus by public transport

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Thanks a lot for details! I am going tomorrow
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