Car insurance in Uzbekistan

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Car insurance in Uzbekistan

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In March 2018, on the border between Turkmenistan (Dashoguz) and Uzbekistan (Shovot), I had my car insured by O'zbekinvest insurance company ( I had to insure the car for a whole year, but the price was very reasonable: 48,000 UZS = about 5 EUR!
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Re: Car insurance in Uzbekistan

Post by steven »

Seems similar to what people paid earlier in the year: ... #insurance
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Re: Car insurance in Uzbekistan

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Some days ago I purchased insurance after the border between Osh and Andijon (Dostyk). I got that at the end of the taxi parking just after the border, on the right side, in a small kiosk that at first sight sells food. I hope that's a real insurance, by the way the company is "Kafolat" and I payed around 10 USD for two months.
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