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From bukhara to osh

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:38 pm
by Aziz
Hi all

I want going from Bukhara to osh

What is best option?
- bukhara - tashkant.... after that tashkant to Andijan ?

Re: From bukhara to osh

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 6:32 am
by steven
Yes that is the easiest option

Re: From bukhara to osh

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:34 am
by Mikeromero
Just one comment.
There are direct trains from Bukhara to Andijan, actually a night train will drop you in Andijan at around 14:00.

From the train station in Andijan is quite simple to walk to the point where most of the shared taxis to the border depart from. Another point is deciding whether you want to cross from Andijan to Osh via Dostyk (most straight way) or prefer the Izboksan (via Jalalabad). The second is only for pedestrians and bikes, and probably much less people uses this one.