Boysun Spring (Boysun Bahori) festival Q&A

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Boysun Spring (Boysun Bahori) festival Q&A

Post by JanDeAlleman »

So... I've been getting the itch again to travel to Central Asia. Last time was 5 years ago, so it would be the perfect time for a reunion. I especially liked Uzbekistan, and would like to see something more of the country. More specifically: the south. I've started studying the possibilities a bit, and I'm drawn to the area around Boysun, moreso for the cultural festival that occasionally seems to take place.

Long story short: does anyone know if the village will host the festival in 2020? Looks spectacular! Or do you think the photo's exaggerate a bit?
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Re: Boysun Spring festival 2020

Post by puska »

Thanks for mentioning the festival, hadn't heard of it before. The capture on one of the pics from your link led me to ... -tour.html which seems to be offering a tour to the festival for 2020. Might also try to go there, it seems very interesting!
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