yurt camping in Uzbekistan

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yurt camping in Uzbekistan

Postby paula » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:46 am

Hi Can anyone recommend a decent agent or organisation that offers a night or two in the desert in a yurt? I'm travelling to Uzbekistan in August and will probably take the route from Samarkand to Bukhara and out to Khiva. I am asking on this site as I have found a few online but I don't want to end up in some awful 'yurt theme park' type set-up!
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Re: yurt camping in Uzbekistan

Postby steven » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:03 pm

I understand your sentiment. I don't want to recommend any myself, since the site relies on sponsorship from TO's, and I haven't done it myself. But yurts are not native to Uzbekistan except for the Western area, Karakalpakstan, remember that.

So, asking around for someone who can arrange yurt camping in Karakalpakstan (close to Khiva and Khorezm area) might be your best bet for something less package-touristy and more authentic/off-the beaten-track-ish.

Hopefully someone else can chime in with more info.
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Re: yurt camping in Uzbekistan

Postby steppejourneys » Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:47 pm

You can overnight in yurt in Ayazkala or Nurata, would recommend Ayazkala. It I lcoated near urgench or khiva between khiva and Nukus city.
There are several yurts located in the desert close to ancient ruins of Ayazkala.
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Re: yurt camping in Uzbekistan

Postby paula » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:24 am

Ok That sounds great. Thanks to you both. I think this would be a good way of getting out of the cities/tourist trail on what is a very short trip..I'll look into it- cheers!
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Re: yurt camping in Uzbekistan

Postby jill » Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:27 pm

We stayed in a yurt camp at Nurata. We were lucky to be the only 2 people there, and it was lovely. It was cooking hot and the advantage was that the camp had access to a lake about 10 min drive away from it. We opted to swim and not do any camel trip.... I have a name of company who helped us make the booking. Wonderful people, very reliable. You are welcome to contact me for more info. Not sure if I may post these details? Very happy to do so.
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