PCR test in Tashkent

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PCR test in Tashkent

Post by Christian77 »

I needed a PCR test to get on my flight in Tashkent (to a transfer connection in Istanbul). I had a good experience getting a quick test.


"Intermed Innovation" Covid testing facility by the Alay/Oloy bazaar
5-10 minutes walk from Abdulla Qodiriy/Kadiry metro station
With no lines, 5-10 minutes and you are finished
For me, 9am test, 5pm result sent by email
Documents 2 pages, in Russian and English
Real QR code. It still works 5 days later, linking to the test results.

The testing facility is set up in a parking lot next to the Alay/Oloy bazaar (just south of the bazaar). It's on Maps.me as "COVID Testing Centre."

Go to registration window, hand over your passport and say "PCR" (Pe-tse-er), and then say "airport." I'm obviously a foreigner (dusty hiking boots, dirty trekking pants and a baggy shirt), and when I said "PCR" I was immediately asked "Airport?" They may then ask "kuda?" ("where to?") So maybe say airport and your destination country (in Russian). This may affect the type of document they prepare for you. There were some notices about PCR tests for South Korea, Russia and Turkey with some special instructions (but I didn't read them). This may just be so they know what language to provide documents in, or it may be that some countries require more information on the documents. I said the name of an EU country and that was it. I was handed a piece of receipt paper with a QR code on it with some instruction in Russian and Uzbek about how to get your results (by QR code or on their website with a password). I was then directed to a cashier's window to pay. I paid in cash (I forget if there was a card pay option, but there is an ATM 40 meters away if you need Uzbek cash). After paying I was pointed towards a door with a number on it. I went through and a nurse quickly took my QR code receipt (and then handed it back) and pointed me to a booth/smaller room. She gave directions in English ("Throat first, now nose"). I was swabbed in the throat and nose, just as she advertised. I then asked (in Russian) about getting results, and she said (in Russian) to scan the QR code in the evening. I was finished by 9:20am.

I scanned the QR code at 8pm, and the result was ready (I could see that it was already available by 5pm). The QR code sent me to a 2-page PDF (very clearly displayed lab results in Russian and English).

At the airport the airlines check-in counter (Uzbekistan Airways employees checking in passengers for a Turkish Arlines/Uzbekistan Airways codeshare flight to Istanbul) I was asked for my PCR test. I showed them the PDF on my phone and that was it (no QR code scanning). They proceeded with check-in. But note that I do not know what would happen if I said I didn't have a PCR test. As someone else on this forum noted, they were able to get on a flight in Tashkent with an American vaccine card and no PCR test. So I don't know what would have happened. For reference, it was a Tashkent to Istanbul to Tallinn flight (and Estonia doesn't require a PCR test for me as I'm fully vaccinated and not from one of the half dozen or so high risk countries).

Overall, super easy and much, much easier than the bad old days. In the past I've wasted 48 hours getting simple (work visa related) laboratory results in both Bishkek and Dushanbe while trying to navigate giant old Soviet medical complexes/"towns" and corruption and disdain and rudeness etc.). This is a private clinic that is customer service-oriented and it was very efficient, just as quick and helpful as the private testing facility I got my PCR test at in Canada, but at 10% the price and 3 times faster.

For $20 and 10 minutes of your time, it is probably worth it just so you don't get surprised by changing airline or country entry regulations regarding PCR tests. Consider especially that some countries have clear regulations posted online and are regularly updated, and some countries are a mystery in terms of their rules, with various travellers giving contradictory stories.

I'm sure the other private clinics are providing similar service in terms of ease. But I really like that this one is close to a metro station and in a parking lot and not buried deep in some huge hospital or building.
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Re: PCR test in Tashkent

Post by roadsilk »

Thanks for this great report. The testing station you went to also offers payment with most credit cards.
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