Car rental in Uzbekistan under 25 possible?

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Car rental in Uzbekistan under 25 possible?

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Hello, I am planning a trip to Uzbekistan for this December and was looking at the possibility of renting a car in order to expand the range of what we can see. From my research, Uzbek law only requires a driver to be 21 years of age or older to rent a car, but most companies seem to set either 24 or 25 as their minimum. Has anyone had any experience renting a car there at a younger age (22 in this case) or know of any companies that would do that? I found one company (orientrentcar) that claims to rent to 22yo on their site but they have not replied to my messages. Is this something I could negotiate in person once I arrive?
It seems increasingly likely that the best option would be to pay a local guide or driver to take us to where we want to go, and honestly that's probably the prudent choice anyways, but I haven't quite yet given up hope on renting a car and self-driving while I'm there.
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Re: Car rental in Uzbekistan under 25 possible?

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Maybe you can find someone but yeah, traditionally it has been an issue - I cannot recommend anyone.
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