where can I buy (special made) silk products?

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where can I buy (special made) silk products?

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hi there :)

I live and work in tajikistan at the moment but will visit uzbekistan for a week or so in june. never have been there before. I would like to buy a silk sleeping bag liner. do you know if those are made somewhere and if not (which I would suspect): where can I buy silk and is there a place where sewers can sew me an inlet of my preference?

in tj it's quite normal to buy fabrics and go to a sewer with your stuff, tell them, what you want to get made out of it and after a few days you have your very own but also very tajik item of clothing. I hope it works the same in uzbekistan!

would be grateful for any information! I'm flexible concerning the location and time.

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Re: where can I buy (special made) silk products?

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I hearted your question because I am interested in a good answer myself and was hoping that someone with more knowledge and experience would be able to chime in. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that has happened (yet?).

Based on what I've read on this forum, I think the most likely place where we will find this is somewhere in the Ferghana Valley <https://caravanistan.com/uzbekistan/ferghana-valley/>. Let me know if you find a better answer.

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Re: where can I buy (special made) silk products?

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It works the same in Uzbekistan. If you buy fabric the seller will direct you to someone who can make anything you want out of it. Margilan is the most famous place for silk (don't buy at the factory, buy at the bazaar), but tbh, you can buy that same silk anywhere in Uzbekistan, or in Khujand or Dushanbe for that matter.

I am not an expert, though. Uzbek Journeys has some 70 articles on Uzbek textiles and craft. It's by now dated, but still of interest perhaps: http://www.uzbekjourneys.com/search/lab ... es%2FCraft
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