Nuratau mountains - Getting there and away - Ravshan broken link

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Nuratau mountains - Getting there and away - Ravshan broken link

Post by ReachTCS_123 »

Good day,

The Ravshan link under "Getting there and away" isn't working from the Nuratau mountains webpage (see below), is there any other driver-for-hire? What other methods would you recommend for people traveling to the Nuratau mountains? ... mountains/
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Re: Nuratau mountains - Getting there and away - Ravshan broken link

Post by xzio547 »

Hello friend.

I went to "Tours" then set country to "Uzbekistan" <> and

found "Stay with a rural family and hike in Sentyab village (3 days)" < ... a-sentyab/>.

Not Ravshan per se, but maybe close to what you are looking for. I'll let others share Ravshan's info if they know.
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Re: Nuratau mountains - Getting there and away - Ravshan broken link

Post by Kasia »

Last year I travelled to the Nuratau villages from Tashkent via Jizzakh by shared taxi. It worked without any hussle

In preparation for this trip I found the info on the Responsible Travel / CBT Nuratau webpages very useful: ... get-there/

Safe travels,
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Re: Nuratau mountains - Getting there and away - Ravshan broken link

Post by steven »

We don't work with Ravshan / CBT Nuratau anymore. But, as xzio547 found, any other tour operator can do it as well. So we are now doing the same trip through someone else.
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Re: Nuratau mountains - Getting there and away - Ravshan broken link

Post by benzhamin »

We travelled to Nuratau from Samarkand by shared taxi this week without too much hassle. We used the link in Kasia's post ( ... get-there/) and another similar article ( to help us.

In Samarkand, we got a shared taxi from Ulugbek bus station to Jizzakh. I think we could have got the bus to Tashkent and departed early at Jizzakh, but it left just as we arrived at the bus station. We paid 150,000 UZS for 2 seats (we could have paid much less if we were up to haggling).

In Jizzakh, we got dropped off at the main bus station, instead of "Gorod" bus station. I think the driver wasn't particularly familiar with Jizzakh (he was going onto Tashkent) and there was some confusion about which bus stop we were going to. So we ended up having to get another taxi from the bus station to the Gorod taxi rank (Google maps).

At the taxi rank there were a number of drivers and we agreed a taxi directly to our guest house in Hayat for 200,000 UZS. (We heard later that the "standard" price is more like 300,000 UZS so perhaps we got lucky with there being a number of drivers around willing to drop the price. Apparently the number of drivers drops after lunch and into the afternoon.)

With hindsight, it would have been a similar price to get the train from Samarkand to Jizzakh, and get a taxi from there arranged by the guest house (25 USD). This would have been a bit more comfortable with fewer changes and less haggling, so this might be worth bearing in mind for any other travellers looking at this route. On the other hand, getting the bus to Tashkent (or better negotiating skills) would likely bring the Samarkand -> Jazzakh cost down quite a bit.
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