Itinerary Advice and Questions

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Itinerary Advice and Questions

Post by basileus »

Hi folks,

I am a new joiner to the forum and hoping you will share your collective wisdom with me. I have travelled a lot in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe but have not yet ventured to Central Asia!I am planning my first trip to Uzbekistan for the spring and I would love some feedback on my suggested itinerary below.


Tuesday, April 2nd: Arrive at 1AM from Istanbul

Wednesday, April 3rd: Sightsee in Tashkent > night train to Khiva

Thursday, April 4: Arrive in Khiva, sightsee

Friday, April 5: whole day in Khiva

Saturday, April 6: Khiva > Bukhara train

Sunday, April 7: Sightsee in Bukhara

Monday, April 8: Sightsee in Bukhara

Tuesday, April 9: Bukhara > Samarkand train

Wednesday, April 10: Sightsee in Samarkand

Thursday, April 11: Sightsee in Samarkand

Friday, April 12: Samarkand > Tashkent train

Saturday, April 13: fly out of Tashkent

Questions - Trains

- Do any of the trains on the itinerary above cross international borders requiring a multiple-entry visa. I have looked at the train maps and it doesn't look like any of these routes cross into Kazakhstan, but it would be good to have this confirmed! I have obtained a single-entry eVisa, but want to make sure that none of those train routes would actually leave Uzbekistan and require formal re-entry, and for me to pay for a new multiple-entry eVisa.

- It is hard to tell in advance, and I know tickets go on sale 45 days in advance, but how likely are tickets to sell out for the overnight train from Tashkent > Khiva? This is the only part of my plan that might pose a problem. I plan to buy my tickets as soon as they become available via the UZ Railways App (which is really good!)

Questions - Money

- I plan on bringing USD with me to exchange at (formal, not black market) money exchanges in Uzbekistan. Is USD 100 per day for two people (excluding hotels) on food, taxis, keepsakes etc. realistic? Hotels will be booked and paid in advance

- I assume that banks/money exchanges are quite uncommon in Khiva, most common in Tashkent, and somewhere in between in Bukhara and Samarkand.
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Re: Itinerary Advice and Questions

Post by bwv812 »

$100 per day is complete overkill unless you like to do a lot of shopping, and in tourists towns like Khiva there's never a shortage of people who can change dollars.
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Re: Itinerary Advice and Questions

Post by sebhoff »

No - these trains won't cross any border.
No - you will have no problems getting tickets for the night train to Khiva well in advance.
All of the cities you mention are on the well-trodden tourist trail - you won't have any problems parting with your money (or exchanging it). And as bwv812 said, you can comfortably enjoy the country on significantly less than $100/day. Some souvenirs can be very expensive (e.g. miniature paintings in Bukhara), though...
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Re: Itinerary Advice and Questions

Post by Kasia »

Regarding your itinerary:

For the Khiva-Bukhara leg you could opt for a private transfer instead of the train - this way you could include the desert fortresses of Khorezm. ... ortresses/

Basically it is a day trip from Khiva that many local agencies offer, but you ask to be brought to Bukhara in the end instead of back to Khiva. It is around 100 $ for a car. We did this in 2022 (even while travelling on a budget) and found it not only very interesting, but comfortable and hassle-free too.

Safe travels!
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Re: Itinerary Advice and Questions

Post by basileus »

Thanks, all!

Really appreciate all of the information. Kasia I will certainly be looking into the private transfer from Khiva to Bukhara via the fortresses!
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