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Uzbekistan: hotels in small places

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 1:52 pm
by Bart-Jan
My registration problem turned out to be no problem at all. Nobody even looked at the registration slips at the Denau border crossing.

Since I tried to collect as many registrations as possible just to be sure I gathered some info on hotels that might be helpful to other people
- Qiziltepa: there is a hotel here but I was just sent away. First they told me they were doing renovations but later they said they didn't accept foreigners
- Navoiy airport: just opposite the airport there is the very expensive looking Zarafshan hotel. They charge $40 for a single room but use the official exchange rate, so you get a perfect room for a bargain. They do registration
- Navoiy: In the centre there is another Zarafshan hotel, same price, same great deal
- Ziyadin: good looking hotel next to the wedding centre. No registration however
- Shakhrisabz: very nice b&b called Dulon on Kapkon street 45. Very hard to find though. Kapkon street is the street leading away from the touristy part of town opposite a big stone building called the chorsu. Best to ask from there.
- Denau: hotel Denov right in the centre had decent enough rooms for only 30000 sum. With registration.