Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

All about Uzbekistan.
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

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I’m in a similar situation, I plan to travel from Turkmenistan to Xi’An in September and was planing to bring my drone with me. Since there seems to be no way around the Uzbekistan ban, I’m considering sending it to my hotel in Dushanbe and pick it up there.

I’ve got a few questions on that and would apprecite any piece of advice:
1. Can you confirm that I can legally import a drone into Tajikistan without it being seized at customs
2. If so what sort of duty should I expect to pay on it given that I would send it to myself and it’s not new by any mean
3. As I go through Uzbekistan will I be in trouble if I just have spare accessories like batteries with me?
4. Can anyone recommend a service to post the drone, best I can tell DHL, FedEx, and UPS do not deliver parcels in Tajikistan so I’d have to go with Royal Mail

As a side note, in an ideal world I’d like to have the drone with me when I visit Dervaza in Turkmenistan and send it to Dushanbe from Urgench before going through the border. Now I realize this may be a huge pain, but if anyone’s got insights into the inner workings of Turkmen postal services that would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Post by arsenal901 »

Anyone with experience flying into Tashkent with a drone and declaring it at customs? I read one experience where the drone was kept at customs and picked back up on the flight out of the country. I was looking to see if anyone else has had recent experiences.
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Post by steven »

About drones in

Tajikistan: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=10702
Turkmenistan: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=10670
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Post by blakep76 »

Re: Drones in Uzbekistan - I saw this sign at Tashkent Airport this morning....
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Re: Drones in Central Asia - rules Q&A

Post by Torotaxi »

Sorry to hear everybody's bad experiences in Uzbekistan.

I just wanted to confirm that it is ok to bring a drone into Kazakhstan (Almaty) and cross the border into Kyrgyzstan.

Also, has anybody had any trouble taking a drone into China's Xinjiang province from Kyrgyzstan or Pakistan? As a UK citizen, I'm worried about the China-UK relations wrt Hong Kong situation and they might just confiscate the drone!

Any thoughts

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