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Sorry to bother you all but I’m not having an easy time with planning trains 🤬

Now I really need to be on an early train to Bukhara from Tashkent on Monday 19 of March I think it leaves around 7:30am
I have just been to confirm this but it’s saying that tickets have all sold out on verious websites! Is this possible so far in advance? Would the ticket office in Tashkent Station have some for people buying in person?
It does say that the 8:55am service has around130 tickets left, not great as it gets there a fair few hours later than what I planned.

Would it be best best just to purchase tickets using a website like tutu to buy tickets for the three train journeys I plan on getting when over there? Are they a good company to use for this? Reliable or dodgy?
Some websites are charging a massive markup on the price which is just far to much for me.

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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Re: Trains!

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This could actually be the case since it is close to Nauruz, which is the biggest holiday of the year. It could be that you could still get tickets through a travel agent or if you go and buy them in the station, could also not be - I am not sure.

Haven't heard any complaints about We also charge a mark-up, it's not tiny because of the hassle and insecurity involved in buying train tickets, but you could give it a go if you didn't notice it yet: price could perhaps be lower. ... ts-online/

Otherwise it will be the taxi, I guess!
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Luxury Asia
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Re: Trains!

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For a high season, you started planning your preparation a little later.
But you still have several solutions:

1) We can try to find you one ticket for you, but we can’t guarantee.

2) You can leave on the 18th of March:

18:50 - 22:34 and spend the night in Bukhara
take overnight train 22:05 - 06:40 and your ticket will be counted as your registration and you will be able to save on accommodation.

3) on March 19 (07:35 - 08:45) by plane.
Hope this was useful for you.
Have a nice journey!

Best regards,
Luxury Asia
Travel Agency in Uzbekistan
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