SIM card - internet connection

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SIM card - internet connection

Post by ayala »

can tourists buy sim card nowadays?
i know that in previous years only locals could buy sim ..
i will need it for internet connection, anyone knows if & where can I get one in Tashkent ?
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Re: SIM card - internet connection

Post by steven »

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Re: SIM card - internet connection

Post by robert »

We had an issue a few days ago where we were told that we couldn't get a SIM-Card in the Beeline store we were in. They told us to go to the main store in town. We then visited a Ucell store which would sell us SIM cards. It took them a while to copy the data from our passports and they insisted on seeing our registration slips from the hotel.
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Re: SIM card - internet connection

Post by leela »

Yep, it seems you have to go to one of the big stores to get a SIM. I went to Ucell who were very thorough in checking who I was, visas etc. So it was a bit time consuming, but the staff were pleasant.

Note: my purely data SIM stopped working after a couple of weeks, because I apparently needed to top up with general credit (for calls I'd never need) in order to keep it working. So I suggest checking that when you buy your SIM.
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Re: SIM card - internet connection

Post by semmel »

Recently I got a ucell sim card in tashkent main store. Hotel registration slip was not required (was my first day and I had none)
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Re: SIM card - internet connection

Post by anne_agnes »

I got a UMS sim card in the main office od UMS in Tashkent. They have two tourist price plans available and the sim card is valid for one month. Passport necessary.
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Re: SIM card - internet connection

Post by FlaviaATW »

I got my SIM in Nukus 2 days sgo by the beeline store ( ) close to the museum. I needed just 30 minutes, my passport and 31.000 some for the welcome tariff.
There is another company (I don't remember the name) with a tourist plan for a month for 42.000 son or so
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