Khiva Train Q&A

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Re: Khiva Train Q&A

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Re: Khiva Train Q&A

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Re: Khiva Train Q&A

Post by Tatika »

Hi, I took the train today from Khiva to Bukhara. The train was new and comfortable. The journey took about 6 hours. :)
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Re: Khiva Train Q&A

Post by yaqinisme22 »

hi, how did you book the train ticket? a few days before your departure?
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Re: Khiva Train Q&A

Post by henrytn »

You can already book it 45 days in advance from Uzbek Railways website! I did recently fairly straightforward (took 10 mins) as long as you've got a Visa card. I booked the evening train from Tashkent all the way to Khiva.
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Re: Khiva Train Q&A

Post by Jaap »

Tatika wrote:Hi, I took the train today from Khiva to Bukhara. The train was new and comfortable. The journey took about 6 hours. :)
Hi, great to hear this train is running. Where did you book the ticket?
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Re: Khiva Train Q&A

Post by NataliesAdventure »

Hi all!

We found this thread useful on a recent train trip through Uzbekistan, so we thought we would add a couple of bits of up to date information.

We got the ‘fast’ train from Bukhara to Khiva and back again in July 2019 (we actually did this journey twice). Train times were all as the online timetable. Fast train does have air conditioning, but it takes about 30mins for it to kick in after leaving the station. In theory you need your passport to both buy tickets and to travel on the train, but I managed to buy tickets and travel on just a copy of my passport the second time we travelled. Ticket price is printed on the ticket, so you can check you were charged the correct amount (we were overcharged on one journey, but didn’t realise until the next time we bought tickets).

The first time we bought the tickets from a travel agent in Bukhara town, but only for Bukhara-Urgench as they were certain that this was only as far as the train went. When we boarded the train we asked if it went all the way to Khiva and were told that it did: first stop Urgench and second and final stop was Khiva. We only had tickets to Urgench, despite being prepared to pay the difference in fare we decided it was easier just to stay quiet and stay on the train until Khiva.

On our first return journey we went to the station the day before to try to buy the extra leg of the journey from Khiva to Urgench, rather than trying to do it on the morning of the train. We were told that the train the following day was cancelled from Khiva, but would be running later in the day from Urgench to Bukhara. We were given new tickets and refunded the difference in price, which went towards the taxi fare from Khiva to Urgench. Turns out this new train was a lot cheaper as it was just the slow (non A/C) train that ran right through to Tashkent, but we got off at Bukhara. This train in July was really really hot inside, with almost no ventilation so make sure you take lots of drinks with you.

The second time we made the journey we bought the tickets at Bukhara station, and were able to buy them straight through to Khiva. All trains left at the correct time, and all was as expected.

I hope this helps someone. Happy travelling!
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