Aral sea / visit Kantubek

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Aral sea / visit Kantubek

Post by isazyr »

Hi all of you, I am new here!

We are two people prospecting the possibility to visit the former soviet secret bioweapon city, Kantubek/Aralsk-7. The main plan is to visit in one day starting from Moynaq early morning and coming back late evening. Could anyone of you give us contact with a reliable driver with a 4x4 based in Monyaq? We could also consider to book 4x4 and driver in Nukus although we are afraid this alternative would be to hard to manage financially.

Thanks in advance for any information
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Re: Aral sea / visit Kantubek

Post by steven »

Hi Isabelle, that sounds really interesting! Have you read about other people visiting this place already? First time I read about people doing this.

About the driver: for a budget option, either arrange it on the spot in Moynaq or try searching Instagram. I don't have any phone numbers myself sorry.
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