Uzbek sum exchange rates

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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by mpkz »

Biscotte Adventures wrote:Jul 2016 we got relatively easily 6200

Locals tries to charge us a conversion rate in reverse at 6500.

Dont forget to fet the app in play store called DollarUz
6500 is a good selling rate when the buy rate is at 6200. There will be a spread between buy and sell rates everywhere. A spread of 300 som per USD (less than 5%) is very good for illegal money changers dealing with an illiquid currency. In Western Europe I'd have trouble exchanging USD to EUR with that kind of spread.
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Biscotte Adventures
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by Biscotte Adventures »

Except this guy giving me the reverse rate was selling me something and was "giving me a choice" of buying in dollars or som.

He lost the sale.

As you say, no umbrage for those business folks who should cover business costs.

My next and last street exchange i got 6500 for my dollar.
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by flo_sg »

10. Aug. Nukus: 1 USD = 6300 Som
12. Aug. Bukhara: 1 USD = 6300 Som (I would have received 6350 if I wanted 1000 Som bills instead of 5000)
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by Rod »

September 3
6300 som - $US dollar both in Tashkent & Khiva

Exchange at Tashkent airport on arrival - official booth closed, told to go into another office. As I only wanted to change a little they fobbed me off and told me go outside & upstairs...which didn't exist. Taxi driver gave me 5500 som.
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by khojandi »

September 9, 2016

6300 som - 1 USD in Tashkent at Chilanzor dehqon bozori. There was some talk of the rate potentially dropping a bit for an upcoming Islamic holiday - couldn't understand when it was exactly.
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by Aleco »

I've been around Uzbekistan for about 2 weeks in July 2016 and I never get less than 6200, sometimes even 6400, exchanging US dollars.
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by SPR11 »

6300 som - $1 in Andijan, Tashkent and Samarkand.
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by Margarita »

6,340 in Khiva 2 days ago
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by Twotone »

Today I got 6,500 at the Kokand bazaar. I was with a local so that may well have helped.

The Art Hostel in Tashkent are paying 6,200. I'd heard stories of changers in the Chorsu bazaar paying well under the going rate. Or maybe we just tell each other that to feel better about just accepting our hostel's rate :D .
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Re: Uzbek sum exchange rates

Post by travellex »

Been getting 6,500 in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva in guest house or Bazaar for the past 1.5 weeks.
Got 6,300 at Art hostel in Tashkent about 1.5 weeks ago.
Today in Nukus, a taxi driver changed for 6,700 and then talked guy at Bazaar up to 6,600 from 6,500. The Jipek Joli hotel said they'd give bank rate but take the black market rare from me when i pay my room...hmm.
In Bukhara a few guys were saying 6,700-6,900, but we didn't change then.
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