Cycling the silk road with (pea)nut allergy

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Cycling the silk road with (pea)nut allergy

Post by halcyon »

Hi everyone,
My partner and I have started planning our next trips, and working up to a round the world cycling trip somewhere in the next few years, including large parts of the silk road/Pamir Highway. While the exact route is not defined yet, we will definitely spend a good amount of time in Central Asia, ie something like Iran - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Russia/Altai - Mongolia, all depending on borders, pandemics, etc.

However, my partner has a hardcore nuts allergy (peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc.). I have not been able to find a lot of information on general prevalence of nuts in these countries, or experiences of people trekking through the area with a nut allergy, so I was hoping to find some more information/experiences on this forum!

I guess what I am looking for is getting a feel for the general prevalence of nuts in local food, or the possibility of avoiding it if unclear and finding alternative sources (although I have read many great stories about local hospitality). From what I've read, nut allergies are very uncommon and not really understood in a lot of these countries, but that's about all I could find.
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Re: Cycling the silk road with (pea)nut allergy

Post by Bakhtiyark »

Most staples(Lagman/plov/shurpa) do not have nuts in them. Occasionally some chefs might sprinkle their dishes with sesame seeds(not sure if they can cause the same discomfort as nuts) but other than that I can't recall nuts being common for non-desserts. I think you'd probably have a lot more difficulties being allergic to milk or gluten.
You can completely eliminate the risks by buying prepackaged food and reading labels as they are marked should they contain trace amounts of common allergens.
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Re: Cycling the silk road with (pea)nut allergy

Post by trikolka »

my answer may be late, I did not see this post before. Nuts are not common in everyday food in Central Asia. They are more common in Iran, but in any restaurant, if you will always find dishes without nuts : just ask. As you may already have done during a previous trip, note the translation in turkish, persian, and russian to be sure people will understand what you must avoid eating because of your allergy.
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