Cycling the Pamir highway from Dushanbe to Bishkek

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Cycling the Pamir highway from Dushanbe to Bishkek

Postby Mtncanyon » Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:00 pm

Hello, In June or July I plan to cycle from Dushanbe to Bishkek indpendently. Can anyone recommend an agency which will rent me a bike and allow me to drop it off at the end of the trek? Is June a good month to ride the highway? I am bringing a tent but I assume stays with locals are possible. any advice or planning info is appreciated. Also, I am plannng on first flying to Tashkent, touring Uzbekistan and then taking a bus to Bishkek. Any problems arriving in Uzbek without an onward ticket? Do I need an onward ticket to enter Kyrgyzstan? from Bishkek I will probably fly to Dehli and head to Ladakh. Thx......
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Re: Cycling the Pamir highway from Dushanbe to Bishkek

Postby bwv812 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:26 am

Are you going Tashkent - Bishkek - Dushanbe - Bishkek?

I don't think there are any places that rent out touring bicycles and equipment, and if you're looking for a one-way rental (from Dushanbe to Bishkek) then I'm pretty sure this is impossible. You could probably buy a bike and then try to sell it when you're done, but I doubt there are many quality bikes to be had in either city. You could probably contact one of the local warmshowers hosts in each city to find out what you can get there.

Onwards tickets are not necessary.

There are no real buses from Uzbekistan to Bishkek.

Uzbeks customs may look for registration slips (which you receive when staying at registered accommodation in Uzbekistan) when you leave Uzbekistan, but you generally don't need one for every night. In the Uzbek Ferghana Valley you will likely have to spend every night in a registered hotel/guesthouse, though, as they are more strict there.
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