Horse riding Kyryzstan

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Horse riding Kyryzstan

Post by ventureadven »

Hi guys,

As I noticed many are interested in buying a horse and travellig around Kyrgyzstan, especially based on prices of horse riding tours, but biggest fear is selling it at the end way below the price...

This season is almost over, but for the next year I think it could be really useful if travellers would start buying horses between ourselves, let's say on each purchase 5000 som less and by the end of season we could already have some gratis horse experience...meanwhile, where there would be no travllers interested for the action, the horse could stay with the person I trust.

I am currently doing this adventure myself and probably there are more adventure lovers who are not really enthusiastic about guided tours.

Let's organize, help each other and enjoy pure adventure!

Wishing you all safe travels and great experiences.
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taeve supertramp
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Re: Horse riding Kyryzstan

Post by taeve supertramp »

Dear Miroslav,

guess who is writing? Yes, the donkey hiker and seller :D Yvonne, Jens and Täve our son who liked your horse and especially your sympathic character, we also did. Now, i am happy to find your post here, hoping you always enjoy your riding adventure with Johnny and the 300 som expansive thermal spring visits. :mrgreen: Please let us stay in contact, visit our homepage or/and send a email.
Incidentally we reselled our both donkeys including equipment for only 1000 Som, krrrr. But the Nomads seller realized, that our transfer to Bishkek was waiting for us and so they thought, the would get a big deal. Now, they should be noticed, that Pony is blind and not good in hiking and Pommes extremely aggressive.
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