Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes: Trip reports and Q&A

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Re: Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes: Trip reports and Q&A

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Here's a trip report:

We went to Sayakhat bus station in the morning at 6 AM. There are shared taxis to Saty. The drivers/ticket guys found us at the bus station where all the minivans are even though the shared taxis park on the road next to the bus station. So basically if you walk through the bus station.
They offered us a ride for 5000 Tenge per person. We were 3 people. The car takes 7 passengers. We bargained them down to 3000 Tenge per person which took us quite a while bc they were very reluctant. We don't speak Russian but used google translator to communicate. Locals paid 2500 Tenge, as we later found out. We left when we were full, which was at 7 AM. We arrived in Saty 3h30 later.

We decided to stay at Temirkhan guesthouse in Saty. We paid 4000 Tenge per person for a bed and breakfast. A lot of tourists from privat/group tours stay here. There's only 1 shower/toilet. There's wifi.

The same afternoon we wanted to go to Kaindy lake. We asked the owner. He said 8000 Tenge per car. As we didn't have another option we agreed. A driver arrived with a local tourist already in it. Drove us to the lake (entrance fee 753 tenge if you're a foreigner) and waited 2 hours. When we gog back we assumed we have to pay only 6000 tenge as we were 4 people. The driver was furious and wanted 8000 tenge. The local girl only paid 1000 tenge. Not fair at all!
Better hesd to the cemetery just outside the village where the road to Lake kaindy leaves from and hitchhike from there / pay 1000 tenge to get a ride!

Kolsai lake: we got a free ride with other tourists on a private tour.

Charyn canyon: after Saty we wanted to go to Charyn Canyon and then Kegen. Homestay owner offered us a taxi für 20'000 tenge to the canyon. Or 35'000 tenge to the canyon, waiting time and then to Kegen. So we asked at another guesthouse and the girl was super nice and got us a ride with some locals for the next morning. We paid 1000 tenge to the intersection with the main road. From there we hitchhiked for free to the intersection with charyn canyon. First 1 person got a ride, then the other 2. Took us like 15mins to get from one intersection to the next. The road to the canyon is less popular with cars, maybe only 1 every 5 mins. Had to wait like 20 mins and got a ride in, hiked with them, ride out back to intersection with Saty.

There we waited like 5 mins. Found a car that would take us to Kegen. Never asked for the price. In Kegen we gave them 2000 in total. They got angry and wanted 5000 tenge. Agreed on 3000 tenge.

So we actually got rides pretty fast. The main road between charyn canyon and kegen is very popular, the one to Saty less so.
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