South Inylchek Base Camp with own equipment?

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South Inylchek Base Camp with own equipment?

Post by tcarlyle »

Doea anyone here have experience with the south inylchek base camp trekking? I was wondering first if it is doable to do it by yourself and what are the conditions (do we need glacier equipment?) Is it possible to hitch an helicopter back for the standard price?
Otherwise, is there any tour agency that provides just the guiding, papers and the glacier equipment? The all inclusive offers I've seen in the web are out of my budget :(
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Re: South Inylchek Base Camp with own equipment?

Post by kenko »

have you tried ?
there might be a GPS tracking posted there.
Also, you could turn up to the nearest city and get a guide. It was pretty easy to get a guide to once near enough the to Tubkal in morocco.
good luck
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Re: South Inylchek Base Camp with own equipment?

Post by TengriX »

Yeah you can do it with your own equipment, but you should be experienced in glacier travel. Its possible to walk the glacier in trekking gear, lots of trekkers do this. However, there are many crevasses, and so ideally you should be able to self rescue. You can find a local guide who can help, and while they should know the way, they usually don't have any kind of safety gear either - so if you're fine with this, then go for it. If you go alone, it can be easy to get lost and stuck on the glacier if the track is poorly marked in sections. In season the track is pretty busy so you'll pass other groups each day. There are some permanent camps set along the way, so you can also walk between camps, where they can feed you and provide tents.
Yes there are companies who can organise the permit and a local guide only.
You can hang around in base camp and buy a seat back on a chopper, you'll just have to wait till one comes with a spot - it could take a few days - but BC is fun, so thats not a bad thing! Ask if you need more help - good luck.
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Re: South Inylchek Base Camp with own equipment?

Post by steven »

Thanks TengriX, very useful, I bookmarked your answer.
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