Wakhan Corridor - When to go Q&A

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Jules Hobson
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Wakhan Corridor - When to go Q&A

Post by Jules Hobson »

Hey guys,

Two Questions concerning hiking in the Wakhan Corridor.

1. Im planning to travel overland from Iran to Tajikistan in a few months time. I will be landing in Tehran in early September and plan on spending 15 days in Iran, 5 days in Turkmen, 10? Days in Uzbek, and then travelling to Ishkashim. By the time i get to Ishkashim it will be early October (at the earliest), if not mid October. Is it possible to hike into the Wakhan corridor at this time of year or will it be the wrong season? If need be i could reverse my trip and start in Tajik in early September?

2. Is it possible to hire horses in Ishkashim to travel to Sarhad? I cant afford the $400 USD jeep (each way) to the trailhead. Is hitchhiking a viable proposition? Is the Jeep the only option?

Many Regards, Jules :D
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China expert
China expert
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Re: Wakhan Corridor - Possible in October?

Post by bwv812 »

I visited the Tajik Wakhan in late October, and when I was there the days were beautiful, sunny and maybe reaching 15°C or so during the days, but it was obviously cold at night. There was no snow in the valley itself, though there was evidence it had recently snowed slightly up the valley (some spots of snow in places that are shaded throughout the day). If you're going into the Pamir knot, and at higher elevations than Langar, I would naturally expect greater chances of snow and inclement weather.

Based on the lack of traffic observed across the valley in Afghanistan, I would say that hitch-hiking is not a viable option unless you have lots of time. I doubt that hiring horses would be much cheaper, nor do I remember seeing any horses in the area. Donkeys are more likely, and I suspect you would have to buy them. Even if you do, it will add days to your trip. I think your best option would be to try to find someone to split your jeep costs.

Reversing your journey would also make much more sense, as Uzbekistan and much of Iran will be better/cooler later in the season, and possibly fewer tourists in Uzbekistan (though I don't think they really drop off until November).

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Temperatures in Wakhan in August

Post by meconopsis »

I am packing for my trip to Wakhan and am trying to figure out how warm clothes/equipment I should bring. I am trying to keep the weight down since I plan on walking around the valley with just my backpack, but I also don't want to freeze at night (will be camping outside as much as possible).

What are the nighttime temperatures in Wakhan in August?

From what I can see, the altitude in the valley itself ranges from 2600 m (Ishkashim) - 3300 m (Sarhad-e Broghil). Will it actually get below freezing at night in the valley, or will it be a few degrees above freezing at night (5° C, 40° F)?

I'm also condsidiering a hike from Qazideh up to Noshaq Basecamp (4660 m), so if I do that I will probably have to take warmer camping equipment anyway. But I might skip the hike to base camp if it means I can get away with less warm equipment in the valley and travel considerably lighter.
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Re: Temperatures in Wakhan in August

Post by steven »

Dont want to leave this unanswered but i honestly dont know. If i read those altitudes, i would think a sleeping bag of 5 degrees comfort temperature is going to be cold, unless you are a warm sleeper. I have never been, but from the reports i have heard and read, it is always cold there. 15 degrees during daytime in summer is sort of the best it gets. I think it will freeze at night in sarhadd.

I am a cold sleeper. I would definitely go for a warmer sleeping bag.
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