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Travel Permit

Post by Hound_Dog »

Guys, any truth to the rumour that china wont be issuing overlanding permits next year? Anyone heard similar?
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Kevin R
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Re: Travel Permit

Post by Kevin R »

Hey Hound, as far as I know, Chinese government has never announced this policy so far, the only reason that China has not opened to overlander is the pandemic...
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Re: Travel Permit

Post by Jealgu »

Next year the olympics are in China and there is a party congress, both reasons to potentially want to shut things down or make things much harder for foreigners. So even if the pandemic is out of the picture (does not sound very likely) there are reasons things are difficult. I am personally not making any plans for China in 2022, although I realy want to go.

It is notoriously hard to get such kind of information straight from the Chinese government. Officially announcing things is not a general policy of China, so the lack of an official announcement does not mean much.
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