PSB Registration?

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PSB Registration?

Post by chrisquokka »

Hi, I have just arrived in China for the first time, specifically in Urumqi.

I am British, do not speak Chinese, and staying in Maitian International Youth Hostel.

From what I am reading here, it is very important that I register where I am staying with the PSB:

My hostel will not do this for me, and the owner insists it is not important... Essentially he is not being very helpful about it, but I am quite paranoid.

Does anyone have any experience of doing this in general, or even better, within Urumqi? I am worried about not having a papertrail when it comes to leaving the country. Unfortunately there are no other foreigners in this hostel to ask their experiences...

Help ASAP would be appreciated!

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Re: PSB Registration?

Post by steven »

I personally have not heard of anyone doing that.
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Re: PSB Registration?

Post by bwv812 »

Never heard of this being required by tourists, or police checking, or anyone having problems when leaving. Hotels/hostels do have to have permits in order for foreigners to stay there (which means they will properly register you with the authorities despite you not having a Chinese ID card), but the only one who will get in trouble if they don't is the hotel/hostel.
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Re: PSB Registration?

Post by BakuBound »

You must register yourself ONLY if you are not staying in a place licensed to provide accommodation. For example, you must register yourself when staying at an Airbnb or in someone's home.

Given the strict control of just about everything in Xinjiang, I feel awfully sure that hostel is properly licensed. Did he ask for your passport and scan or copy it? That's for the registration.
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