Xinjiang permit/ visa notification?

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Xinjiang permit/ visa notification?

Postby Stefvdp » Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:12 pm

Hey everybody, I'm in tehran on my bicycle arranging visas for the CA countries. I am now trying to figure out my planning to arrange Chinese visa with my 2nd passport at home in Brussels.

Did anyone hear about a permit to travel to Xinjiang? See article below in dutch:

(...) "Daarnaast moet een ieder die van plan is Xinjiang of Tibet te bereizen, een zg Visa Notification hebben. Dit is een officiele uitnodigingsbrief, afgegeven door een Chinese overheid, bv provincie of stadsbestuur. De Visa Notification geeft wel aan hoe lang men mag verblijven maar de beslissing om dit daadwerkelijk af te geven ligt nog altijd bij de ambassade. (...)"

My issue : I am planning to fake flight tickets in and out of the country and not mention xinjiang in itinerary for maximum chance of success cuz I have Turkey stamp already.
-> I read that it's no problem to enter overland and do the visa process with fake flights. Still correct?
-> is there any problem to enter china through xinjiang (kazakh-uruumqi-xian) without requesting the visa permit and not mentioning this province on itinerary?

I am currently in process for uzbek visa without loi and turkmen transit visa after. Fingers crossed and feedback will follow :)
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Re: Xinjiang permit/ visa notification?

Postby steven » Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:01 am

Never heard of such a thing for Xinjiang. I think they just mean Tibet. Please let us know how it went in Tehran, reports indicate embassies are giving out long-term visas for cyclists again. Don't mention Xinjiang on your itinerary, that's best indeed.
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Re: Xinjiang permit/ visa notification?

Postby Stefvdp » Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:34 am

Thx steven. Will do for turkmen and uzbek. I don't need visa for Kyrgyzstan and will go for tadzjik evisa :)

I called Chinese embassy and they only accept visa application from residents in iran with iranian residence permit of 6 months or longer. Maybe I physically check this when I pickup the uzbek visa... will report after. I'm working on Chinese documents now for brussels embassy
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Re: Xinjiang permit/ visa notification?

Postby Mendameoro » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:52 pm

Hello guys,

We are in the same situation more or less. We are planning a travel around the world, we will start next 1/06 from Spain.

We will travel through Central Asia for three months before arriving to China, so we cannot issue the Chinese visa in our home country Spain.

Our idea is trying to get the Chinese visa at Iran, Uzbekistan o Kyrgyzstan, but we heard that we need a letter of invitation. We contacted a Chinese tour operator from Kashgar, and the news are not good. They told us that this moment the Chinese government doesn't allow travel agencies to issue these letters of invitation.

We also heard something about the fake flights. Do you think it can work?

If you are very close to the area, traveling at this moment there or do you have any information about the Chinese visa through Xinjiang, please, let us know!

Be safe guys !

Jonas Ordoñez.
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Re: Xinjiang permit/ visa notification?

Postby daway » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:36 am

re "fake flights", I believe a printed out flight or hotel itinerary can count as an invitation. Book something, print it out, then cancel it.
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