Chinese Visa Extensions Within China (For Cyclist)

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Chinese Visa Extensions Within China (For Cyclist)

Postby OH1984 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:03 am

Hey all,

my wife and I are planning a long cycle trip across China, Mongolia and into Central Asia. We are both South African citizens.

We are busy looking at the visa situations and it seems that things might be a bit tricky. It seems that most visas that are issued are 30 day visas, even the multiple entry ones, which would mean a visa run every month, which is just not affordable.

Are there any ways around this? I have read that one can extend a visa within China, and then I have also read that it's not possible... Any info on that?
Even with a 6 month visa, it seems one has to leave the country every 30 days to 'renew' the visa. Is that correct? It seems ridiculous that one gets issued a 6 month visa only to still have to go out and back into the country repeatedly. For us, on bikes, that is just not an option.

We are travelling via Hong Kong to get to China, and have heard that it is best to get our visa for China in Hong Kong. Is that true?

Any info on these topics, or additional info would be great!!

Thank you.
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