Travelling the Silk Road as a woman solo; seeking buddies!

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Travelling the Silk Road as a woman solo; seeking buddies!

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Hi, all!

I'm new & thrilled to be here; I have never seen so many Anglophones discussing Central Asia!

I didn't know where best to post this, since plans are somewhat amorphous at the moment, so general it is. Right; I'm planning to travel through Central Asia in one long trip within the next few years; the itinerary would at least vaguely resemble one through the Silk Road (unfortunately, some countries might have to be skipped for various geopolitical reasons; and I think I'll be visiting Mongolia on a separate trip as both of its borders are basically inaccessible). I may end the trip in the Caucasus. I am somewhat ambivalent about attempting this completely alone as a young woman. The vast distances and lack of transport are at least a little daunting.

I will be leaving from Sydney. The timeline of when this trip will happen will depend on how much of the trip I expect to travel completely alone (and where I expect that to be a problem, potentially). I've done two trips solo now. I just came back from a longish one that lasted a month in a half. I'll probably do a few more solo trips before I take on Central Asia. I am game for most challenges, and vastly prefer travelling independently, but because Central Asia is so remote in some places I would consider seeing it partly through a packaged tour.

I would especially appreciate advice and anecdotes from women who've travelled the Silk Road alone. I'd also love to hear from anyone also looking to travel to the area in the next few years in a similar planning stage to myself. Maybe we'll cross paths and be able to travel together for a leg or two of our journeys! :D
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