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some Borders/visas/general questions

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:59 am
by Kino
Hi there, I have been to mongolia for a month this spring and helped a nomadic family with their work. I loved it so much i'm going back next year but for a much bigger trip. I'm a belgian citizen. ( I'll add a tldr at the end if you just wanna skip to the question. )

Current plan:
Flying to Canada august 2019 and will live there in northern canada and in solitude in a log cabin for 6 months.
After surviving that I should be able to go to vancouver and try to get a 6 month working visa for mongolia and fly towards ulan bator without going back to belgium.
So, March -> May I want to help my host family again with their spring work and may -> august I want to walk towards kazachstan with a pack horse to carry my stuff. So here is the question, Where can I get a visa for either china or russia close to the border so the issuance doesnt expire before I even reach the border... I'm willing to leave the horse behind at some nomadic family and start hitchhiking when needed. I was planning to leave it right before the border and start hitchhiking home in this order Mongolian border -> kazachstan -> kyrgistan -> Uzbekistan -> Kazachstan Caspian sea cross -> Azerbeidzjan -> Armenia -> turkey -> EU union

By the way, I would be willing to cross borders by walking over them even if they're not border points if this is a reasonable idea at all...
I don't like that I have to be planning so much stuff ahead, i'd prefer to just see what i'm gonna do when I'm there but with these visas you need to know a lot of stuff beforehand ... I don't use smartphones either.

TLDR I need to figure out how to get from mongolia towards kazachstan prefer through china, but i'm not sure where I can apply for chinese/russian visas near the border. I do not need a visa for kazachstan. My way of travel is not allowing me to get a visa beforehand in the big cities or at home right now...
How do people who do a Round the world walking journey arrange all their visas ? This stuff is being a head ache to me.. Thanks in advance to anyone reading this or replying (: this website has been a great aid to me, if anyone is facing the same planning struggles :p