Older travelers on the Silk Road Q&A

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Re: Older travelers on the Silk Road Q&A

Post by Lovetheworld »

Can't really help you, but it would be good to state your nationality. I'm assuming you're from UK?
We just got our Uzbekistan visa here locally in the Netherlands without much issues, but that is not a comparable situation.
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Re: Older travelers on the Silk Road Q&A

Post by leela »

I started my solo travelling along the Silk Road in my mid 50s. Two solo trips to China, one to Uzbekistan with a friend, and an enforced (as a Brit) small group tour to Iran later, I'm now planning a return to Uzbekistan, and on to Kazakhstan in four weeks time.

I find travelling independently in the region quite easy, due to the hospitality and kindness of the people. I think a woman my age is seen as approachable, and people are keen to ensure that everything is okay!
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Re: Older travelers on the Silk Road Q&A

Post by Shindig »

Hi Chris and Melani
Your trip sounds very similar to mine, only you are going the other way! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a visa for Turkmenistan. The Uzbek one was easy from the London embassy, but I don’t suppose that is an option for you as you would have to trust your passports to the Myanmar postal service. Good luck!
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Re: Older travelers on the Silk Road Q&A

Post by KarinaM »

I was just posting a question about trains and noticed the post I made last year about my epic Silk Road trip. Loved every minute of it from the Siberia - Kazakhstan train ride, to how easy it was to travel in Uzbekistan. Trip highlights were my driver in Kyrgistan who took me up every mountain pass he could find plus to some real hole-in-the-wall restaurants and a fantastic off-the-beaten track tour in Iran (us UK/US passport holders need to be with a tour. This year I'm celebrating my 67th by starting off in Almaty at 'my' soviet AirBNB apartment then over the border to Urumqi and off through Xinjiang and Xian ending up in Hong Kong. I'm looking forward to another blast! Last year's trip is memorialized here! https://karinameiri.wordpress.com/
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