1996 Volkswagen Transporter T4 for sale in 2020

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1996 Volkswagen Transporter T4 for sale in 2020

Postby puska » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:22 pm

Hello all! Long-time lurker here. This forum has been a wealth of information for our (partly upcoming) travels, and I've enjoyed reading others' stories.

So my first post here will be about our car! Long story coming up. It's a T4 as indicated in the title, long wheelbase, 1.9TD engine. It's registered in Finland (which means little things like motorblock heating and seat heating haha, you don't know until you've experienced it :p) When we got it we ripped out the walls/floor and cleaned it out. New walls and roof made out of recycled plywood, behind it is a layer of some fancy type of isolating bio-soluble mineral wool we were able to acquire. Floor out of thicker film faced plywood. Built a bed out of wood and film faced plywood, it practically speaking fills the entire width of the van between the plywood walls, which is almost 160cm, and is slightly over 2m long (one of us is tall). Currently a 160x200 mattress is kinda squished in. Nothing else built in there except some hooks to hang stuff from, so overall it is I'd say pretty basic and amateurish, but it's been totally fitting our needs. Currently seats 2 persons since we took out the bench and put a driver's seat in its place, but the bolts etc. for a bench are there in case want to re-install one to make it fit 3 persons (should be easy to find). We've already travelled with the van through large parts of Europe as well as Russia. Repairs and finding spare parts has been easy, and the car/engine are generally easy to work on. Most recently we put in a new alternator, and we're in the process of replacing the entire clutch now. We'll also find other tires soon, and change the battery for the winter since we found the alternator had likely been overcharging it for a while already before it completely broke down. We've been trying to take good care of the van and fix issues when they come up since it's basically been our house for a big portion of the time since we started traveling with it. Exception is the exterior which looks... comparatively bad. We've only properly treated the worst rust spots or rust in structural places, and on a related note took out rust/welded the car bottom. Anyways, we haven't been attaching much value to how the car looks from the outside but rather to how it's functioning, but if you care more than us a paint job might be a nice thing to do, and if Central Asia workshops/prices are somewhat similar to Russia you'd be in a great place to do so. ;)

We just visited Finland to take care of some things and get some new papers for the car (more of a bureaucratic issue), and will drive towards the Caucasus for winter/spring, and the idea is Central Asia for the summer/autumn. At some point during this we will want to sell the van, as we want to continue further east after, and from information gained from this forum and elsewhere we figured this is too difficult/expensive for us to do with the van. We are pretty flexible about when/where to sell it, and are open to the idea of already selling it earlier next year in the Caucasus for example. Also much welcoming more specific advice/information on how to legally sell the car to other travellers, which would definitely be the preferred option (read some posts about power of attorney here), or alternatively in case that doesn't work out how to scrap it or sell it to locals.

Finally, with the car comes a lot of stuff we've gathered over the years so it'd pretty much be ready to go, including off the top of my head:

Currently 80L total of canisters
Cooking equipment meaning pots and pans/plates/cutlery/etc.
All sorts of (non-electrical) tools for basic repairs/construction/other purposes
Some car stuff such as battery charger/towing cable/bunch of liquids etc.
Camping and hiking equipment, but we'll probably take some - can talk about this
Fishing equipment
Coloring books and pencils! :)
All kinds of useful stuff for traveling/things we might have left over/won't take with us, can now think of an old laptop for example.

To just put it out there, for the price we were thinking of 2500€. As mentioned many of the details are open to discussion far as we're concerned, and we'd be happy to be able to sell it to someone who would like to continue traveling around with it.

Let's be in touch if you're interested!
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Re: 1996 Volkswagen Transporter T4 for sale in 2020

Postby faithless_penguin » Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:50 pm

i don't know how i stumbled across this post, but the idea has exited me. but before i pack my bags and book a flight though, could i ask a few questions? how many km has the van done, and how bad is the existing rust? my email is [email protected]
many thanks,
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Re: 1996 Volkswagen Transporter T4 for sale in 2020

Postby puska » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:48 am

Hi again, sorry for taking forever to reply, have had some things going on in life and been neglecting some of this kind of practical stuff. Will definitely be paying more attention from now on.

So the van is still for sale, has done almost 320 000 kms, and we will be adding some more thousands at the least. :)

Rust is mostly an aesthetic thing, rust spots are visible on the outside, but the spots where it matters have been treated so there are no rust holes in the bottom or wheel wells for example. A part holding the exhaust to the bottom recently broke off when doing some rocky offroad driving presumably due to rust but it was easily replaced, also had some additional welding done on the exhaust. Additionally had some gear stick / drivetrain parts replaced after it started acting funny. Probably mentioned this already but the car really is easy to work on. On a sidenote we changed the mattress as a mouse had found its way into the car and had started nesting in the old one and some parts were pretty much destroyed by the time we found out and some mold was there... The new one is 140x200, so there's a little space next to the bed now as the platform is wider than the mattress. On a positive-depending-on-how-you-look-at-it note one of us has back problems so the mattress is forced to be of relatively good quality. ;)

A note on offroad driving since it's Caravanistan and many people are probably interested, it's something we do a lot as we like to find relatively quiet places in the nature to camp. Ground clearance on the T4 is relatively large compared to other vans, was part of our considerations when we got it ourselves, and this one also has a engine shield (as in, bottom cover). All in all it's been going great and I can think of only one situation where we got stuck and it would've been good to have real 4x4, and the rusty exhaust attachment is the first thing that has broken as related to offroad driving. Of course we're forced to avoid stuff like soft sand / deep mud and there are some rock-crawling type of roads we wouldn't even attempt, but you'd probably be surprised some of the roads we're driving without issues!
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Re: 1996 Volkswagen Transporter T4 for sale in 2020

Postby tabf2010 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:55 pm

If you guys made it to Georgia before all of the borders closed, I'm interested in buying it :D
Let me know, +995591660645
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Re: 1996 Volkswagen Transporter T4 for sale in 2020

Postby puska » Wed Apr 01, 2020 7:23 pm

We ended up spending a long winter in Turkey and were literally 1 day late. :D

Unpredictable how things will develop now, but we are still interested in selling the car eventually.
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