Selling a Bürstner Motorhome in Türkiye or Georgia

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Selling a Bürstner Motorhome in Türkiye or Georgia

Post by Timmy »

Hi everyone,

We are selling our Bürstner Motorhome on a Peugeot J5 1987 with German numberplate for 2000€.

This van has a big history. We lived 2,5 years in it, travelled most of the Stans, Iran, Pakistan and India with it.

Because of the pandemic it had to stay 2 years in Azerbaijan. Last year I brought it to Türkiye.

After the earthquake in the south east of Türkiye this February it gave home to my wife's family for one month.

But now it is time that it gets going again!

It works perfectly! After the 2 years I just had to change the battery. There are some small issues, like starter and oil losing. I will take care of it, before selling.

The inside works (pump, heater, solar,etc), but it can use some love and care :-)

However, the registration in Germany is expired, so going back to Europe could be problematic. Going east to Caucasus and Stan's is no problem. Anyway you need to buy insurance in each country.

At the moment, the van is in Adana, but we are thinking to make one last trip to Georgia in September/October.
The purchase could be now in Adana or later in Georgia.

If you are interested, reach out to us!

Instagram: HattonsOrientexpress,
Messenger: +49 176 45166759

See you!
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Re: Selling a Bürstner Motorhome in Türkiye or Georgia

Post by PeterM »

Hi Timmy,

what a surprise. Just some weeks ago I checked your website to see if you posted some update on your trip.
I hope you are doing fine despite the bad experiences in India/Azerbaijan.
I always liked you reports/videos!

@Van sale in Türkiye:

If a person tries to leave Türkiye with a car that he/he did not personally bring into the country, he/she will have to pay a hefty fine !

Check this story of a German guy who had his truck brought to Turkey by a friend: ... 0#p1010363

Georgia might work as the car seems not to be registered with a passport. At least it is easy to leave Georgia without the car.

Best wishes
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Re: Selling a Bürstner Motorhome in Türkiye or Georgia

Post by Timmy »

HI Peter,

This is nice to hear!
Yes we got a bit quiet on the blog and youtube front. Out new travel made wants to have some attention ;-)

But you can check out if you are interested. We are still on the road :D

About the van in Türkiye, it is possible!
But reqiueres some paperwork. You need to go to customs before you leave. Both, old and new owner, you then need to transfer the ownership to the new owner.

Very important: take a number from that person, because on the border they might tell you something different.
We made this process allready a few time.

All the best and greetings from the beautiful mountains in Hakkari!
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