Tajikistan Evisa problems?

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Re: Tajikistan Evisa problems?

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Christian77 wrote:
Fri Mar 24, 2023 11:21 pm
Evisa rejection is not the end, no. There is the visa on arrival + a trip to OVIR police to register, or getting it at a Tajik embassy in person ($$). The other option of using an agency will be the most expensive, but the quickest and lowest effort route. The price will depend on lots of factors. Use the link earlier in this thread for a quote.
Hi Chris

Just wonder if you know how long does it take to apply in Tashkent? Is same day visa possible? Thank you very much

3 weeks until I depart I still hear nothing it’s so annoying 😭
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Re: Tajikistan Evisa problems?

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Sorry, my most recent Tashkent anecdote is from 5 years ago. I don't know what they are like now. But if they only hand out 1-month visas (and if that's all you need), then the visa free crossing plus an OVIR visit may be quicker and more convenient than what's on offer at the embassy in Tashkent.
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