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Help with Fann itinerary please!

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 10:27 am
by Halilee
I am hoping to be in Tajikistan from September 24-September 30. The 24th we would arrive in Dushanbe and sightsee and on September 30th would be departing across the border via Penjakent and arriving in Uzbekistan/Samarkand. I'm having trouble with the itinerary as I can't find the roads or villages on google maps so trying to piece together the itinerary is extremely difficult.

something like:
Day 1- Arrive Dushanbe and sightsee

Day 2- Drive through Anzob Pass to Marghib and overnight ( any other suggestions here? Better spent elsewhere?)

Day 3- Drive to Moumetkan and hike to Pskan through Yagrob gorge ( 3 hrs?). Overnight

Day 4- Back to Noumetkan and drive to Iskanderkul Lake. Hike to water fall and overnight

Day 5- Drive to Vertical Alovaddin and hike to Alauddin lake and back again. Overnight where? Suggestions?

Day 6- Drive through Shing Valley and 7 lakes. Hike from lake 6 to 7 and overnight at Noffin village

Day 7- Hike back. Drive to Panjakent and either sightsee or continue to Uzbekistan/Samarkand ( would we have enough time to get across border or beter to just spend night in Panjakent?

How does this itinerary look? Is it plausible? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Re: Help with Fann itinerary please!

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 7:29 pm
by Bethany
I can only really comment on Days 6-7.
Day 6 is definitely doable but if you only hike from lake 6 to 7 this is a very short "hike".
Day 7 where are you hiking back from? If you are staying at Noffin that is at lake 4 so would you not just drive straight down to Penjikent? The drive from Noffin to Penjikent is only 1.5 hours so you definitely have enough time to visit old Penjikent, the museum, any other sites you want and still cross over the border and drive to Samarkand that day. I did that myself a couple of weeks ago.

Enjoy your trip!