Best treks in Pamir Highway

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Best treks in Pamir Highway

Post by Mikeromero »


I have searched, and didn´t find a topic regarding this. I am doing Pamir Highway in september and, besides the road, would really like to have one day for a kind of nice trek (nothing very difficult). I am doing the road from Dushanbe to Osh, all the way near the Afghan border and would like, if possible, to hear any advice about the best points to have this kind of stop. Actually, I understand that the best is something near Kirguizstan, so I will cover unforeseen situations as soon as I am closer to my final destination, but I am open to other advices if it´s worth.

Thank you very much in advance for any advice!!
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Re: Best treks in Pamir Highway

Post by anitaelsewhere »

Hi mikeromero

We really enjoyed the hike to Jizew village. It is an easy two hours up, and you can stay in a homestay and return the next day or do it all in one day. Although I highly recommend staying the night.
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Re: Best treks in Pamir Highway

Post by maglechowicz »

You can walk up to Engels Peak and back from Langar in a day or camp at the top.
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Re: Best treks in Pamir Highway

Post by Mikeromero »

Thank you so much, Anita and Maglechowicz! I am sure the information will really be useful!!
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Re: Best treks in Pamir Highway

Post by victoriareali »

Hi, do you know what are the best and open treks at this.moment? We are starting from.osh the 19th
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Re: Best treks in Pamir Highway

Post by steven »

Good question, it's already late in the season. Basically, anything that is not too high.

How long would you like to trek for?

Day hikes from Jizev, Langar, Alichur etc. are good bets. Otherwise, have a look at Khatlon province for warmer temperatures.
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Re: Best treks in Pamir Highway

Post by rhinomaxil »


We have just done the following hikes:
- Tulparkul lake yurt camp to Lenin Peak base camp and further on 3/10 (8h but the usual hike takes about 4h return)
- Zong to Engels Peak base camp on 9/10 (7h return) - the hike is longer starting from Zong than Langar but the ascent is a bit less steep and I found Zong is a very nice place to stay rather than Langar)
- Jizev on 13-14/10 (2h one way from the bridge - really worth overnighting there as said above)

All these hikes were very nice, not difficult at all, and no problem weather-wise. The Jizev one is particularly nice at this season with the autumn colors. Also we were absolutely alone the whole time for all 3!
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