Entering Tajikistan without a visa from Afghanistan and China

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Entering Tajikistan without a visa from Afghanistan and China

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So, if it's an emergency of sorts, you may get let in.

Example one: two French citizens "deported" from China. I think they may have exited Tajikistan and then crossed No Man's Land and then been rejected on the Chinese side. So, back you go to Tajikistan.... But you don't have a visa. What happens? You sit at the Tajik side for a very long time while they apply for an eVisa for you (maybe even multiple days). Or they may actually have been deported for doing something the Chinese authorities didn't like.

http://khovar.tj/rus/2019/10/grazhdanin ... evredimym/

As for Afghanistan, from the same link above, comes the story of an American tourist who apparently did not have a visa to enter Tajikistan from Afghanistan at the Ishkashim border crossing. The border guards also assisted him in getting a visa. Seriously people: don't go to Afghanistan without your 2nd re-entry visa for Tajikistan already in your pocket.

I'm 100 percent sure that this won't work coming over a land crossing from Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan.

So why is Tajikistan so flexible now? Because they are in the middle of a big tourism development push. But I can tell you from 20 years of watching Tajikistan that no programme lasts forever and that the only new rules that the security forces consistently stick to are those ones that generate personal revenue for themselves. So you may find yourself in the year 2022 stuck at the Afghan border being robbed by Tajik border guards.
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